Registration guidelines

The application process is split into two parts: the scientific application on this website, and the payment process, to which you will be automatically forwarded afterwards. You need to complete both steps to successfully apply to the ENABLE 2018 conference:

  1. Fill up the scientific application on this website.
  2. Complete the registration in our payment system, where the registration fee will be charged on your credit/debit card.

Please make sure to use the same name and email address for both websites, and do not perform either registration step twice.

Poster, short talk and microtalk applications

During the event in Copenhagen, we want to give as many participants as possible the chance to present their research to their peers, the invited speakers, and even the public.

If you apply for a poster, short talk and/or microtalk, we need you to upload your scientific abstract together with your registration in our system. Changes to your abstract afterwards can unfortunately not be considered. Abstracts should be minimum 100 words, maximum 300 words, and may not include line breaks or pictures.

We will evaluate your scientific abstract, and your video in case you apply for a microtalk (see below). We will then award poster, short and microtalk space based on scientific quality, impact and suitability regarding the conference topic.

Unfortunately, due to space and time limitations, this means that not all participants will be able to present a poster, short talk or microtalk. However, all the submitted abstracts will be included in the abstract book.

There will be prizes awarded for the best posters, microtalks and short talks.

Guidelines for abstract submission

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English
  • Each registrant can submit only one abstract for evaluation
  • No changes to the abstract will be considered after submission.
  • Abstracts should be min 100 words, max 300 words, and may not include line breaks or pictures.

Travel grants

Due to the support of our generous sponsors, last year we managed to award 70 travel grants to participants. Travel grants cover your registration fee and expenses such as travel/accommodation/poster printing/food of up to 300€. If you apply, you will still need to pay for registration and cover your expenses during the conference. If you get awarded a travel grant, we will have to cancel your initial registration to facilitate refunding of the registration fee to your credit card. We will then need you to register again via a special link we will provide. Workshop and dinner with speakers fees are not included in the travel grant and will have to be paid again during re-registration. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.

To apply, you will need to upload a CV in pdf format in addition to your scientific abstract during the application process.

The deadline for travel grant application is June 15th. Selected participants will be notified by July 31st.

If your application has been selected for a travel grant, you will be notified by email.

Microtalks – Outreach activities

An important part of the ENABLE symposium are the outreach activities that will take place. We are organizing microtalks in pubs of the city. If you wish to present your research to a general audience in an informal and relaxed environment, we invite you to participate!

A microtalk is a 10-minute talk in a bar for the general public, who don’t have a scientific background. Part of the challenge and fun of this presentation format is to show your research in a way that non-scientists can understand it. We will judge your application based on the clarity and quality of your abstract, and on a video you can upload explaining your research (3 minutes or less). The video is not mandatory, but highly recommended. We suggest you upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video (remember to make it unlisted and not private – if you make it private we won’t be able to see it). You then need to submit the link to your video within our application system.

You can send us a 1 minute video explaining the following:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you want to talk about
  3. Why your topic of choice is interesting

This will allow us to see your communications style. Talks can be given in English or Danish. Don’t be afraid, and enjoy talking science over a beer!

Selected candidates will be sent an e-mail by September 1st.

Selected participants will receive a training by the communication agency Scienseed to help them prepare their final presentation. 

Career day

During ENABLE 2018, you will get the chance to participate in workshops and career chats. Workshops feature intense training sessions over several hours with a dedicated professional, where you can expand your skill set needed for climbing the academic or industrial career ladder. In career chats, you will have the possibility to discuss career paths with academic and industrial professionals in a small group setting.

Due to seat limitations, you can only apply for one workshop. Registration for a workshop has to be included in the ENABLE conference registration, and seats will be assigned on first come, first served basis. The workshops take place in the morning and afternoon in parallel to the rest of the career program. Thus, it’s possible that you will miss part of the alternative program. A change of your chosen workshop is possible after registration within this system, but only as long as there are workshop seats left on the one you want to change to. Career chats have limited slots on a first come, first served basis, and will be made available shortly before the conference via email.

Please be aware that by signing up for “W6 Scientific Writing (Miriam Alcalay)”, you give your consent for ENABLE to share your submitted abstract with the workshop organizer for use in the workshop.

Food during the event

Lunch and coffee breaks during the event are included, but dinner is not. We organize a dinner with speakers event, which will be held during the scientific conference, where dinner will be included in the event fee. Registration for dinner with speakers has to be included in the ENABLE conference registration, and seats will be assigned on first come, first served basis.


ENABLE does not provide accommodation, but we are planning to provide a list of recommended places to stay available to you on our website. Please be aware that there are other conferences at the same time as ENABLE 2018 in Copenhagen, so we advise you to book both your accommodation and flights as early as possible.

Handling of personal information

By registering to the ENABLE 2018 conference, you consent to ENABLE registering your contact details and information about your participation in the conference via the University of Copenhagen and EasySignup. These information may be stored by ENABLE until you revoke your consent. You also consent to the list of participants and other conference material being sent to the participants and being published on the conference website. If you opt in to receiving our newsletter, you give your consent to ENABLE using your contact details to forward its newsletter to you.

ENABLE treats conference participants’ data as confidential. Click here to read University of Copenhagen´s privacy policy.

Please be aware that ENABLE will take pictures and videos for promotional purposes e.g. on social media during the event. If you do not want to have your picture or video taken, please contact us at the start of the event in Copenhagen.