Satellite events

Since this year the ENABLE conference will be held online, we want to give you the opportunity to be part of the organizing team as ENABLEr!

If you are interested to become an ENABLEr, you should submit a proposal to organize in-site one day or half a day-events at your own institution. These events or activities should be addressed to the institution’s young researchers’ communities at the aim of extending their scientific knowledge, at getting insight into different career alternatives or at communicating science to the general public.

The scope must be aligned with the ENABLE spirit (promote biomedical sciences enabling the collaboration within different disciplines, supporting and empowering young researchers, strengthening scientific careers and allowing for greater interaction with non-academic actors and stakeholders).

The topic of the proposed satellite events should be related to the 4th ENABLE symposium’s scientific topic (as broad as possible to allow everyone to participate) or to career development. Moreover, it should reflect the ENABLE spirit aiming to involve young scientists in the organization and promote networking by giving the chance to participants to share their personal experiences with other peers and guests.

The list of awarded grants

1. ¨ENABLE your Career: PhD, and What’s Next!¨
Join us for ¨ENABLE your Career: PhD, and What’s Next!¨ on Tuesday, May 11th 2021, at the Centre for Applied Medical Research (CIMA) and University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. We invite to you the three events being organized as a part of ENABLE 2021: “Academia Vs. Industry: Choosing your Career Path”, “Science N Shots”, “Scientist for a Day”. These events are especially organized for Early career researchers (ECRs): PhD students and early career post-docs.  

“Academia Vs. Industry: Choosing your Career Path” is an interactive roundtable event. Early career researchers (ECRs) will engage in stimulating conversations with experts in different biomedical fields with experience in both academia and industry. Drop by to ask questions and get tips on how to achieve your career goals, promote scientific knowledge and excel in interdisciplinary networking.

“Science N Shots” is a pub talk event organized for highlighting the research of ECRs at our institution. Presenters will share their research in an engaging format with peers while enjoying a beer at a local pub. Live Q & A will follow to spur fascinating discussions, increase scientific knowledge and team spirit. Sign up HERE to present your mind-blowing science at a pub! 

“Scientist for a Day” is an outreach event where primary school students will learn about science through fun experiments and puzzles organized by
 young researchers from our institution. We hope to inspire the next generation of biomedical researchers, while giving ECRs an opportunity to improve their leadership and science communication skills. If you are an ECR and would like to be a science communicator at this event, sign up HERE.

Through ¨ENABLE your Career: PhD, and What’s Next!¨, we hope to make science approachable and exciting for everybody, and ENABLE our ECRs to advance their personal as well as professional life goals.
2. The description of other satellite events will be available soon!