Career Day

The ENABLE 2018 Career Day will take place in Copenhagen on the 7th of November and is one of the principal activities of the symposium. The aim of the event  is to create a common ground where PhD students and postdocs from all over Europe can interact with professionals from different fields to discuss career perspectives beyond the bench. The all day activities will consist of “career chats”, workshops and opportunity fair and will provide attendees new skills to effectively manage their professional development.

Career chats

Broaden your Horizon talking to professionals

What is it?

  • Career Chats overcome the classical format of career development roundtables providing a more direct interaction between PhD and Postdocs and professionals that hold a PhD but moved beyond academic research like industry CEOs, consultants, editors or science communicators.

How does it work?

  • Each session will last 30-45 min and will involve 15-20 participants who will have the opportunity to interact with and ask questions to the professional participating in that session. At the end of the allotted time, participants will move on to another Career Chat with a different professional.

Information about the invited professionals will follow soon.


Workshops during the ENABLE career day are intensive courses for small groups to help the personal and professional development of young researchers. Improve your transferable skills and achieve your professional goals attending the ENABLE workshops! Topics as broad as:

  • Science writing
  • Science communication
  • Career development
  • Knowledge transfer and Business planning 

More information about the available workshops will follow soon.

Opportunity Fair

Where is the Next Challenge in your Career? The ENABLE opportunity fair will be a unique occasion for young and talented researchers to meet with companies and public organisations and build up constructive interactions with people from various life science sectors. Representatives will be present from:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies
  • Recruiting agencies
  • Editing/publishing companies
  • Academic organisations
  • Scientific Societies
  • Business schools

Information about the attending companies will follow soon.

Project funded by the European Commission under grant agreement 724115