Outreach activities

One of the main goals of ENABLE is to bring science closer to society through a series of educational activities that will be held across the city. During pub talks, a well-tested and appreciated format, young scientists will share their research interests in short talks with the public audience. Moreover, a great variety of outreach activities for adults like Ask the Scientist and an interdisciplinary debate, as well as activities for primary and secondary school students, will foster the interaction between young scientists and the general public to raise awareness around current trends and developments in biomedicine and their impact on healthcare.

Our outreach activities will partially take place on the days prior to the symposium (November 11-12) and will be tailored specifically towards the young and old members of our society.

Activities for the general public

On Tuesday afternoon, there will be a lecture about “Science: Past vs Now” by RIMLS professor Alessandra Cambi in one of Nijmegen’s retirement homes. This lecture will be held in Dutch.

The pub talks will take place on Wednesday evening at multiple local bars. PhD students and Postdocs will present their work to the public in short presentations using layman’s terms. This format is particularly popular so make sure to show up early enough to save yourself a spot.

  • De Hemel (Franseplaats 1)
  • Café De Fuik (Eerste Walstraat 6)
  • Grand Café Moenen (Grote Markt 36)
  • Cafe de Opera (Koningstraat 34)

Furthermore, we are planning to host a cross-disciplinary debate with experts from different backgrounds. Stay tuned for more details soon to follow!

Activities for schools

To also give young students a glance into biomedical research, we will visit a primary school and reconstruct the lab environment in a classroom to give the young students a first-hand experience about the work of a scientist and to teach them how researchers study different organs in the context of health and disease.

For the older high school students we will offer a guided tour to the Radboudumc Museum of Anatomy, as well as the Animal Facility and Placenta Laboratory, followed by a career speed dating event with RIMLS professionals.

Stay tuned for more details about locations and dates in the next months!