Outreach activities

One of the main goals of ENABLE is to bring science closer to society through a series of educational activities that will be held across Nijmegen.

Our outreach activities will partially take place on the days prior to the symposium (November 10-12) and will be tailored specifically towards the young and old members of our society.

Activities for schools

To give young students a glance into biomedical research, we will visit a primary school and reconstruct the lab environment in a classroom. The students will get their first-hand experience on the work of a scientist and they will playfully learn about the various functions of the different organs in the human body.

High school students will come to RIMLS to dive deeper in biomedical sciences. They will join an interactive tour to the Museum of Anatomy and Pathology, see how scientists perform animal experiments in the imaging centre PRIME, and find out how they study organs, such as the placenta, in a laboratory. Students will  also have a chance to meet with RIMLS professionals (professors, PhD students, Postdocs, technicians and medical students), and ask them any questions about a career in biomedicine.

Activities for the general public

Ask the Scientist

50 Years of Biomedical Research: What Have We Achieved?

On Tuesday afternoon, RIMLS professor of Cell Biology Alessandra Cambi will give a lecture titled “50 Years of Biomedical Research: What Have We Achieved?” in one of Nijmegen’s retirement homes.

Alessandra will explain how medical practice and science itself have changed in recent history – and discuss these changes with a generation that has witnessed them first-hand. Her story will give the listener a glimpse of all four ENABLE themes: Personalized Medicine, Advanced Imaging, Big Data and Fundamental Research.

This event will be held in Dutch.

When: Tuesday, 12. November 2019, 14:00-16:00

Where: Elderly home OBG, Cornelissenstraat 2

Cross-disciplinary Session

Baby Construction Site: Working on the DNA of Future Generations

Together with the International Science Film Festival InScience and the DNA-dialoog initiative, we are organizing a public debate about ethical aspects of germline modification of the human genome.

The science communicator Frank Kupper will lead the discussion between a biomedical geneticist (Marc van Mil), a medical ethicist (Eline Bunnik) and a health scientist (Ivy van Dijke). The event will be articulated around a spoken word performance by Lev Avitan, and short animations prepared by DNA-dialoog.

This event will be held in Dutch.

When: Sunday, 10. November 2019, 19:30-21:00

Where: LUX Nijmegen, Mariënburg 38-39

Pub Talks

10 Minute Talks of Mind-blowing Science in the Bar!

On Wednesday evening, multiple bars will host a series of pub talks performed by young scientists.

International PhD students and Postdocs taking part in the ENABLE conference will share their work with a lay audience in a short, entertaining and easy-to-grasp manner. The best performances will be chosen by the public and awarded prizes.

All talks will be in English.

When: Wednesday, 13. November, 20:00 – 22:00


  • De Hemel (Franseplaats 1)
  • Café De Fuik (Eerste Walstraat 6)
  • Grand Café Moenen (Grote Markt 36)
  • Cafe de Opera (Koningstraat 34)
  • Café Samson (Houtstraat 4)