Scientific Symposium

EXPLORING LIFE DYNAMICS: In and out of equilibrium

ENABLE is more than just a regular conference. Participants will have opportunities for scientific exchange through short talks and poster presentations, and will also be able to share their personal experiences with other peer and guests during career chats, the daily lunch session, coffee breaks or at the “Diner with the speakers”.

The scientific program will cover a broad range of topics, from fundamental biology to translational medicine, and touch upon multidisciplinary research projects and integrative omics approaches.

This year, the symposium will feature lectures from 8 highly-renowned keynote speakers grouped into four sessions which cover driving topics of modern research.

Scientific sessions and keynote speakers

Fundamental Biology

The many hats of the cell

Translational Medicine

Bridging the gap between bench and bedside

Judith Campisi

Buck Institute

California, USA

Wilhelm Huck

Radboud University

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Linda Saif

The Ohio State University

Ohio, USA

Andrea Crisanti 

Imperial College London

London, UK

Integrative Omics

Towards personalised medicine: solving the enigma of bytes

Multidisciplinary Research

Life sciences join forces to push biomedicine forward

Cecilia Lindgren 

University of Oxford

Oxford, UK

Nicola Segata

University of Trento

Trento, Italy

Marta Alonso

University of Navarra

Navarra, Spain

Anthony Hyman 

Max Planck Institute

Dresden, Germany

Further scientific activities

Round table with peers

On Wednesday, 18th of November, we will organize a Round Table debate where our attendees will have a unique opportunity to interact with scientists and leaders from academia and industry and gain insight into their career paths, obstacles they have encountered and how they overcame them as well as their general views on life in Academia. Moreover, attendees will be able to choose topics and lead the flow of discussion.

Short talks

PhD and PostDoc attendees will be selected to present their current results and goals, alongside renowned speakers, in 15-minute presentations, including questions from the audience.

Poster sessions

Students are invited to present their own work in four poster sessions during the scientific days of the symposium.


The exact venue will be announced soon.