Cologne 2023

THE EMERGING CHALLENGE – Environmental impacts on human health

We hope you enjoyed Seville, because we are looking forward to meeting you again in Cologne! 

Cologne is the fourth biggest city in Germany, and it is one of the most vibrant cities in the heart of Europe. It is one of Europe’s foremost cities for art and culture, and famous for the Cologne Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

More than 40 museums and 130 art galleries, a plethora of musical events and the world-renowned Cologne Carnival support Cologne as a cultural hub. 

Additionally, the city is working towards sustainability and has a great variety of green spaces. Several Universities, together with more than 100.000 students make Cologne a vibrant and international place. 

The University of Cologne is the third largest university city in Germany and covers a broad field of disciplines with a strong focus on Life Sciences. Scientific and strategic collaborations connect basic research to translational medicine. Together with the great international student community, this makes the University of Cologne the perfect host for the next FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE conference: The emerging challenge – environmental impacts on human health

The conference, organised by PhDs and PostDocs, will take place from the 23rd of November until the 25th of November at the University of Cologne.

Scientific Symposium

We are happy to invite you for the 2nd FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE conference, ‘THE EMERGING CHALLENGE: Environmental impacts on human health’. 

Our goal for this year is to inspire young researchers to focus on the importance of the environment united with the progress of biomedical research and its relevance in the progress of society. 

The scientific programme will cover a broad range of topics, from epigenetics, complex diseases and model systems to big data and modeling. In the authentic FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE spirit, we plan on touching upon multidisciplinary research projects and integrative approaches. 

Cologne is a green city, constantly working towards improvement, which makes Cologne one of the European hotspots for promoting more conscious and sustainable development. The green initiatives of Cologne nicely bridge with the opportunity of sharing this knowledge to the novel international generation of investigators who will lead the scientific world in the future. 

This year, #enablegoesgreen!

Scientific sessions and keynote speakers

Career Day

With the career day, the FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE event will give participants the opportunity to get inspired about their future as young scientists and to broaden their skill set to take their future in their own hands. Participants can take advantage of different activities throughout the day to build new skills or join discussions about possible career paths outside the academia landscape.


During the 2023 Career Day, participants will have the opportunity to join some of the workshops that will be organized on personal and professional development.

Job Fair

The 2023 Opportunity Fair will provided a unique occasion for young and talented researchers to meet up with companies and organisations and build constructive interactions with people from various life science sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies
  • Academic organisations
  • Scientific Societies

Career Chats

Professionals will be from academia, industry, or private companies etc. This may include PIs, medical science liaisons, medical advisors, regulatory affairs managers, science management consultants, editors or science communicators, among others.

Outreach Activities and Networking

Stay tuned for more updates!