Outreach activities

ENABLE will bring science closer to society through several activities aimed at school children, highschool students or adults.

Participants also have the opportunity to get involved delivering microtalks on biomedicine at different pubs and bars in the city of Copenhagen. Dedicated training is available for selected participants. Please, check out the registration site for more information!

Activities for the general public


Wednesday 7th of November

Do you want to learn about science while having a beer? Then you shouldn’t miss this event. International students will tell you all about their research in just 10 minutes in bars across the city! An informal and interactive way to learn about the latest research advances and the first hand experience from young scientists.

More information about the event will follow soon, stay tuned.

Ask the scientist

Tusday 6th of November

Don’t miss your chance to ask long-standing scientific and/or ethical questions you’ve had! Scientists and clinician from different fields will be available to address them.”

More informations about the location and speakers will follow soon

Cross-disciplinary session

Monday 5th of November

Experts from economics, politics, and science will gather in an inspiring session to discuss topics of common interest. The aim of this activity is to demonstrate that science is not an isolated entity but rather a multidisciplinary area of knowledge that interacts with all other areas in society.

More information about topics, speakers and location will follow soon.

Activities for schools

For children

Lab activities organized by PhDs and postdocs will engage primary school children in a fun and educational way.

More information about the activities will follow soon

For teenagers

High-school students will work alongside young scientists on pertinent scientific questions with the goal to foster critical thinking and connect with research.

More information about the activities will follow soon.

Project funded by the European Commission under grant agreement 724115